Jeremy A. Freed

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A 15-yr-old male hemophiliac developed the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). His terminal illness was characterized by rapidly progressive respiratory failure with intermittent wheezing, nonresponsive to bronchodilator and steroid therapy. Postmortem examination revealed a pseudomembrane covering the mucosa of the lower trachea and bronchi of both(More)
AIM In urology, single cases of lethal pulmonary embolism following extracorporeal shock wave application to renal concrements have been reported. Therefore, lungs of rabbits were histopathologically investigated following extracorporeal shock wave application to the femur. METHOD In 8 mature Chinchilla-Bastard rabbits, shock wave application to one(More)
The drywall construction trade has in the past been associated with exposure to airborne asbestos fibres. This paper reports a drywall construction worker with 32 years of dust exposure who developed dyspnoea and diminished diffusing capacity, and showed diffuse irregular opacities on chest radiography. He did not respond to treatment with corticosteroids.(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate, using a computer model, the advantages for ploidy measurements of selecting only center-containing sections of nuclei in ultrathin, very thick or relatively thick tissue sections. STUDY DESIGN The computed corpuscle sectioning program was run on a personal computer. Its synthetic data were corrected by a variety of correction(More)
Tests for anticoagulant protein deficiencies have a low predictive value for venous thrombosis in the general population. Such testing should be done only in patients with recurrent thrombosis, a family history of thrombosis, or atypical features such as young age at presentation or unusual site. Decreased fibrinolysis is another defect often seen in(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare two computer models of corpuscle sectioning and two algorithms for correction of ploidy measurements in tissue sections. STUDY DESIGN Two models of corpuscle sectioning (the computed corpuscle sectioning program [CCSP] [Analyt Quant Cytol Histol 1997;19:376-386] and the ellipsoid sectioning program [ESP]) were run on a personal(More)