Jeremy A. Bartlett

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Absorption of drugs from the oral cavity into the mucosal tissues is typically a fast event. Dissolved drugs partition into the mucosal membranes and within minutes will reach equilibrium with drug in solution in the oral cavity. However, this does not always equate to rapid drug appearance in the systemic circulation. This has been attributed to slow(More)
At the Product Quality Research Institute (PQRI) Workshop held last January 14–15, 2014, participants from academia, industry, and governmental agencies involved in the development and regulation of nanomedicines discussed the current state of characterization, formulation development, manufacturing, and nonclinical safety evaluation of(More)
Q fever is a common zoonosis worldwide. Awareness of the disease and newer diagnostic modalities have resulted in increasing recognition of unusual manifestations. We report 3 cases of Q fever osteomyelitis in children and review the literature on 11 other reported cases. The cases demonstrate that Coxiella burnetii can cause granulomatous osteomyelitis(More)
INTRODUCTION Although most invasive cervical cancer (ICC) harbor <20 human papillomavirus (HPV) genotypes, use of HPV screening to predict ICC from HPV has low specificity, resulting in multiple and costly follow-up visits and overtreatment. We examined DNA methylation at regulatory regions of imprinted genes in relation to ICC and its precursor lesions to(More)
Recent progress in antiretroviral treatment has led to dramatic improvements in HIV-related morbidity and mortality. These improvements have been fostered by advances in our understanding of HIV-related pathogenesis, the use of plasma HIV RNA levels to monitor patients, and the availability of 13 licensed antiretroviral drugs. Numerous drug combinations,(More)
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