Jeremie Walker

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Depth spike activity was evaluated from medial temporal lobe sites using computer spike recognition techniques in all-night sleep records derived from 10 patients with medically refractory complex partial seizures. Sleep stages were classified into 1 of 4 groups: wakefulness, REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep. Some disturbance in the periodicity of the(More)
BACKGROUND Our previous laboratory and clinical data suggested that one mechanism underlying the development of platinum resistance in ovarian cancer is the acquisition of DNA methylation. We therefore tested the hypothesis that the DNA hypomethylating agent 5-aza-2'-deoxycytodine (decitabine) can reverse resistance to carboplatin in women with relapsed(More)
BACKGROUND The posterior longitudinal ligament (PLL) has been found to be a reliable measure of the acoustic target window for lumbar spinal anaesthesia and a predictive tool for difficult spinals. Currently, there is limited information on the PLL in the thoracic spine and its potential use for optimizing the acoustic target window during thoracic epidural(More)
Chronic headaches can be debilitating for many patients. They often have a nebulous etiology, unpredictable course, and can be difficult to manage. We describe a post-traumatic headache that began after a motor vehicle collision. The patient sustained multiple injuries including a scalp laceration and bilateral occipital condyle fractures. Oral agents were(More)
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