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A 32-month-old child presented in status epilepticus (SE) involving the left side of the body. Fast spin-echo magnetic resonance imaging (FSE-MRI) with hippocampal volumetry performed < or = 24 h after the seizure showed increased T2 signal of the right hippocampus, but no atrophy. Complex partial seizures (CPS) appeared at age 33 months, and three more(More)
To assess the value of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-measured hippocampal volume in the detection of hippocampal sclerosis, we studied 28 patients undergoing anterior temporal lobectomy for medically intractable mesial temporal lobe epilepsy. Hippocampal volumetry and visual analysis of T2 signal change were performed using fast spin-echo T2-weighed MRI.(More)
Because acute segmental wall motion abnormalities (SWMAs) of the left ventricle are highly sensitive and specific indicators of myocardial ischemia, this study compared the incidence and significance of ischemia, as detected by two-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography and surface electrocardiography, during anesthesia and surgery in patients at high(More)
BACKGROUND No fine-wire electromyography studies have been performed to compare the activity of forearm muscles in professional golfers versus amateur golfers. HYPOTHESIS The fine-wire electromyographic activity of forearm muscles differs between professional and amateur golfers during the different phases of the golf swing. STUDY DESIGN Controlled(More)
In machine learning, concept drift can cause the optimal solution to a given problem to change as time passes, leading to less accurate predictions. Concept drift can be sudden, gradual or reoccuring. Understanding the consequences of concept drift is particularly important in human-centric applications where changes in the underlying data and environment(More)
Sterility restrictions in surgical settings make touch-less interaction an interesting solution for surgeons to interact directly with digital images. The HCI community has already explored several methods for touch-less interaction including those based on camera-based gesture tracking and voice control. In this paper, we present a system for gesture-based(More)
Previous studies have shown that pregnancy prevents hypertensive remodeling of cerebral arteries. In the present study, we sought to determine whether pregnancy could reverse preexisting remodeling. Nonpregnant virgin Sprague-Dawley rats were treated with the NO synthase inhibitor nitro-l-arginine (0.5 g/L in drinking water) for 2 weeks before mating, after(More)
Mitigating the consequences of disruptive smartphone interruptions remains a challenging problem for smartphone designers. Proposed solutions often incorporate machine-learning techniques with remedies that include delaying user notifications until an opportune moment or changing the intensity and/or mode of the notification (fewer rings, vibration mode).(More)
Short term studies in controlled environments have shown that user behaviour is consistent enough to predict disruptive smartphone notifications. However, in practice, user behaviour changes over time (concept drift) and individual user preferences need to be considered. There is a lack of research on which methods are best suited for predicting disruptive(More)
AIMS To prospectively evaluate the iron nutritional status of preterm infants fed either a term (0.5 mg/dl iron) or preterm (0.9 mg/dl) formulas fortified with iron after hospital discharge. METHODS Healthy low birthweight preterm infants were randomly assigned into three groups at the time of hospital discharge. Group A were fed an iron fortified preterm(More)