Jeremiah S Smith

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A 32-month-old child presented in status epilepticus (SE) involving the left side of the body. Fast spin-echo magnetic resonance imaging (FSE-MRI) with hippocampal volumetry performed < or = 24 h after the seizure showed increased T2 signal of the right hippocampus, but no atrophy. Complex partial seizures (CPS) appeared at age 33 months, and three more(More)
To assess the value of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-measured hippocampal volume in the detection of hippocampal sclerosis, we studied 28 patients undergoing anterior temporal lobectomy for medically intractable mesial temporal lobe epilepsy. Hippocampal volumetry and visual analysis of T2 signal change were performed using fast spin-echo T2-weighed MRI.(More)
BACKGROUND No fine-wire electromyography studies have been performed to compare the activity of forearm muscles in professional golfers versus amateur golfers. HYPOTHESIS The fine-wire electromyographic activity of forearm muscles differs between professional and amateur golfers during the different phases of the golf swing. STUDY DESIGN Controlled(More)
We report a case of a posterior mediastinal mature cystic teratoma with rupture secondary to blunt chest trauma in a 20-year-old male involved in a motor-vehicle accident. Initial treatment was guided by Advanced Trauma Life Support and a tube thoracostomy was performed for presumed hemothorax. The heterogeneous collection within the thoracic cavity was(More)
Repair of eyelid agenesis in nine eyes of five cats using a lip commissure to eyelid transposition is described. The procedure is a modification of the technique described by Pavletic for reconstruction of the canine inferior eyelid and provides skin, mucosa, a mucocutaneous junction, and muscle to reconstruct the superior and inferior eyelid and lateral(More)
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