Jeremiah Remus

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A fast scheme for wavelet-domain interpolation of lost image blocks in wireless image transmission is presented in this paper. The algorithm is designed to be compatible with the wavelet-based JPEG2000 image compression standard. In the transmission of block-coded images, fading in wireless channels and congestion in packet-switched networks can cause(More)
Numerous previous studies have focused on the development of quick and efficient adaptive psychometric procedures. In psychophysics, there is often a model of the psychometric function supported by previous studies for the task of interest. The theory of optimal experiments provides a framework for utilizing a model of the process to develop quick and(More)
Conflict minerals is a term applied to ores mined in conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuse. Niobium and tantalum are two rare metals whose primary natural occurrence is in the complex oxide minerals columbite and tantalite, the ore of which is commonly referred to as coltan. The illicit export of coltan ore from the Democratic Republic of the(More)
Current cochlear implants provide frequency resolution through the number of channels. Improving resolution by increasing channels is limited by factors such as the physiological feasibility of increasing the number of electrodes, the inability to increase the number of channels for those already implanted, and the increased possibility of channel(More)
The wide use of psychometric assessments and the time necessary to conduct comprehensive psychometric tests has motivated significant research into the development of psychometric testing procedures that will provide accurate and efficient estimates of the parameters of interest. One potential framework for developing adaptive psychometric procedures is the(More)
Cochlear implants can provide partial restoration of hearing, even with limited spectral resolution and loss of fine temporal structure, to severely deafened individuals. Studies have indicated that background noise has significant deleterious effects on the speech recognition performance of cochlear implant patients. This study investigates the effects of(More)
Daniel C. Alvey, Kenneth Morton, Russell S. Harmon,* Jennifer L. Gottfried, Jeremiah J. Remus, Leslie M. Collins, and Michael A. Wise U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York 10996 USA Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27708 USA U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Army Research Office, Durham, North(More)
There is significant variability in the benefit provided by cochlear implants to severely deafened individuals. The reasons why some subjects exhibit low speech recognition scores are unknown; however, underlying physiological or psychophysical factors may be involved. Certain phenomena, such as indiscriminable electrodes and nonmonotonic pitch rankings,(More)
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is an emerging technology that is suitable for a variety of material identification applications. For LIBS to successfully transition from the laboratory into field applications, the sensor must be paired with the appropriate algorithms for accurate and robust processing of the LIBS spectra. In this study we will(More)
Speaker recognition systems have been shown to work well when recordings are collected in conditions with relatively limited mismatch. Thus, a significant focus of the current research is techniques for robust system performance when greater variability is present. This study considers a diverse data set with recordings collected in multiple different rooms(More)