Jeremiah J Harnett

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A series of hybrid compounds possessing an nNOS pharmacophore linked to an antioxidant fragment has been synthesized. Among them, compound 8d, a propofol derivative, displayed the greatest dual potencies against nNOS (IC(50)=0.12 microM) and lipid peroxidation (IC(50)=0.4 microM) accompanied with e/nNOS selectivity (67.5). This shows that nNOS was able to(More)
The synthesis and biological activity of novel lipoic acid analogues are reported. Lipoic acid and structural homologues coupled to arylthiophene amidine via carboxamide linkers are metabolic antioxidants capable of protecting neuronal cells against glutamate cytotoxicity, preventing loss of intracellular glutathione, and inhibit nitric oxide synthase.
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