Jeremiah Heller

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This study was undertaken to examine the effects of chronic high-rate stimulation on the eighth nerve and cochlea. Fifty-four male pigmented guinea pigs were deafened and implanted with single ball electrodes in scala tympani. Four groups of animals received chronic electrical stimulation at a level of 5 microCol/cm2/ph for 1000 h as follows: Group A: 1000(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been contraindicated for users of cochlear implants because of the internal magnet and other possible interactions. Users of the Nucleus Mini-22 Cochlear Implant (CI) or the experimental Multichannel Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI) may have other disorders that are best diagnosed by MRI. The CI and ABI were modified by(More)
A new device incorporating a cochlear implant speech processor and a speech-processing hearing aid for the unimplanted ear has been designed and tested with four severely hearing-impaired patients. The aim of the device is to provide a more acceptable and effective combination of electrical and acoustic signals to the two ears. When used monaurally, and(More)
We establish the analogue of the Friedlander-Mazur conjecture for Teh's reduced Lawson homology groups of real varieties, which says that the reduced Lawson homology of a real quasi-projective variety X vanishes in homological degrees larger than the dimension of X in all weights. As an application we obtain a vanishing of homotopy groups of the mod-2(More)
  • J. Heller, M. Voineagu, P. A. Østvær, Alexander Merkurjev
  • 2015
We introduce a Bredon motivic cohomology theory for smooth schemes defined over a field and equipped with an action by a finite group. These cohomology groups are defined for finite dimensional representations as the hypercohomology of complexes of equi-variant correspondences in the equivariant Nisnevich topology. We generalize the theory of presheaves(More)
We demonstrate that a conjecture of Teh which relates the niveau filtration on Borel-Moore homology of real varieties and the images of generalized cycle maps from reduced Lawson homology is false. We show that the niveau filtration on reduced Lawson homology is trivial and construct an explicit class of examples for which Teh's conjecture fails by(More)
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