Jeremiah HALL

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Low Reynolds number aerodynamics is important for various applications including micro-aerial vehicles, sailplanes, leading edge control devices, high-altitude unmanned vehicles, wind turbines and propellers. These flows are generally characterized by the presence of laminar separation bubbles. These bubbles are generally unsteady and have a significant(More)
Measurements of the vertical bubbly flow were performed at a low magnetic field of 0.2T. The void fraction data were acquired. The susceptibility-induced changes in T2 relaxation time were analyzed using the previously introduced approaches by Sukstanskii et al. and Ziener et al., originally developed for the Magnetic Resonance analysis of randomly(More)
Some candidate dark matter particles, such as neutralinos in supersymmetry, would annihilate producing GeV/TeV gamma rays. We report on recent observations of two dwarf spheroid galaxies, Draco, Ursa Minor, the compact elliptical galaxy M32, and the spiral galaxy M33 with the Whipple 10m gamma-ray telescope. No significant signal was found, and we derived(More)
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