Jeremiah F. Hayes

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An algorithm is derived which performs optimal symbolby-symbol detection of a pulse amplitude modulated sequence. The algorithm is similar to the Viterhi algorithm with the optimality criterion optimal symbol detection rather than optimal sequence detection. A salient common feature is the merge phenomenon which allows common decisions to be made before the(More)
In this paper, we develop a three dimensional model to evaluate the effects of antenna pattern and orientation on the fading correlation in multiple input-multiple output wireless systems. The channel transfer function and its correlation matrix are derived. Two kinds of antenna are deployed in our simulation, dipole and patch microstrip antennas. The(More)
Network coding (NC) has been shown to improve the throughput of multi-hop wireless networks (MWN). Prior work on performance modeling of NC mainly addresses the maximization of throughput. However, these works fail to capture the complete picture since there may be paths in the network for which end-to-end packet delay is prohibitively high. In this paper,(More)
Guest Editorial Wireless Ad Hoc Networks BECAUSE the subject of this issue is wireless ad hoc networks, it would be beneficial to provide a definition of the phrase ad hoc as it is used in the context of mobile wireless networks. We have as a starting point the common definitions of this phrase, such as “for a specific purpose or occasion” or “for this case(More)