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PURPOSE Functional MRI (fMRI) can provide insights into the functioning of the sensorimotor system, which is of particular interest in studying people with movement disorders or chronic pain conditions. This creates a demand for manipulanda that can fit and operate within the environment of a MRI scanner. Here, the authors present a magnetomechanical device(More)
A complete high-efficiency transmit amplifier unit designed to be implemented in on-coil transmit arrays is presented. High power capability, low power dissipation, scalability, and cost minimization were some of the requirements imposed to the design. The system is composed of a current mode class-D amplifier output stage and a voltage mode class-D(More)
Multichannel transmission has the potential to improve many aspects of MRI through a new paradigm in excitation. In this study, multichannel transmission is used to address the effects that variations in B(0) homogeneity have on fat-saturation preparation through the use of the frequency, phase, and amplitude degrees of freedom afforded by independent(More)
PURPOSE Single sideband amplitude modulation (SSB) is an appealing platform for highly parallel wireless MRI detector arrays because the spacing between channels is ideally limited only by the MRI signal bandwidth. However this assumes that no other sources of interference are present outside that bandwidth. This work investigates the practical interference(More)
Introduction Recent advancements in parallel transmission have focused on the development of tailored, multi-dimensional pulses (1) with potential undersampling (2,3) for correction of B0 and B1 homogeneity and reduction of SAR (4), particularly. We present a method which exploits the intrinsic frequency, phase, and amplitude degrees of freedom of a(More)
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