Jere Stokely

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Studies of experimental tobacco smoke carcinogenesis have suffered from the lack of a conveniently available and well-characterized device for exposing animals to tobacco smoke for inhalation. The Walton Horizontal Smoking Machine, a commercially available system designed to expose up to 20 mice to the smoke of a single cigarette, may fulfill this need.(More)
Large-scale natural disasters cause external disturbances to networking infrastructure that lead to large-scale network-service disruption. To understand the impact of natural disasters to networks, it is important to localize and analyze network-service disruption after natural disasters occur. This work studies an inference of network-service disruption(More)
A system which utilizes a piston pump to generate cigarette smoke under standard conditions, and expose rodents to the inhalation of diluted smoke for controlled periods of time is described. Variations of the basic system have been employed to exposure groups of ten to twenty hamsters or rats, and should allow exposures of up to forty mice. The system has(More)
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