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Young male twins in The Netherlands and England completed the Jenkins Activity Survey (Dutch and English versions, respectively), a measure of Type A behavior. Separate model fitting analysis revealed a similar pattern of variance estimates and associated goodness of fit across the two countries. The data were then analyzed concurrently, with a scalar(More)
Although familial aggregation of blood pressure is well documented, few studies have considered the changing contribution of genetic and environmental influences during adulthood. Applying maximum likelihood model fitting to blood pressure covariation in balanced pedigrees including both parents and their young adult twin offsprings (25 MZ, 32 DZ, aged(More)
The genetic and environmental determinants of a brief assessment of metabolic rate at rest and under psychological stress were studied in 40 pairs of monozygotic and 40 pairs of dizygotic young adult male twins. Height, weight and age were employed as covariates. Univariate analyses showed a high heritability for height and weight and moderate heritability(More)
A computer-operated mental arithmetic task is outlined which presents questions at a level of difficulty continuously determined by subjects' accuracy of response on the previous question. The programme incorporates 5 levels of difficulty, and all questions concern the addition or subtraction of two numbers which vary in digit-span according to the current(More)
Heart rate was monitored while 22 pairs of young male monozygotic and 29 pairs of young male dizygotic twins were exposed to a video game and a mental arithmetic task. The heart rate reactions of the monozygotic twins showed much greater concordance than those of the dizygotic twins. Analysis of the data for the 102 individuals demonstrated reliable(More)
The cardiac reactivity of 40 monozygotic and 40 dizygotic pairs of young male twins was monitored during psychological challenge, as afforded by a video game. The observed pattern of variation could not be accounted for solely by environmental factors. In fact, a simple genetic model that implicated additive genetic effects, along with those stemming from(More)
Two comparable cross-sectional studies were carried out employing the same methodology but involving two separate solvent-exposed populations (N = 90, N = 144). In each study, solvent-exposed workers were compared with age-matched controls on tests selected from the Neurobehavioral Evaluation System and on standardized questionnaire measures of(More)
Heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and respiratory and metabolic activity were recorded prior to and during mental arithmetic and a video game task in 20 young men with mildly elevated casual systolic blood pressures. Twenty-five unambiguously normotensive young men were tested under the same protocol. For pretask baseline physiological(More)