Jer Ren Yang

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Transparent conducting ZnO/Ag/ZnO multilayer electrodes having electrical resistance much lower than that of widely used transparent electrodes were prepared by ion-beam-assisted deposition (IAD) under oxygen atmosphere. The optical parameters were optimized by admittance loci analysis to show that the transparent conducting oxide (TCO) film can achieve an(More)
Improved resistive switching memory characteristics by controlling the formation polarity in an IrOx/Al2O3/IrOx-ND/Al2O3/WOx/W structure have been investigated. High density of 1 × 1013/cm2 and small size of 1.3 nm in diameter of the IrOx nano-dots (NDs) have been observed by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. The IrOx-NDs, Al2O3, and WOx(More)
Enhanced resistive switching phenomena of IrOx/GdOx/W cross-point memory devices have been observed as compared to the via-hole devices. The as-deposited Gd2O3 films with a thickness of approximately 15 nm show polycrystalline that is observed using high-resolution transmission electron microscope. Via-hole memory device shows bipolar resistive switching(More)
In this study, we investigated the interplay of three-dimensional morphologies and the photocarrier dynamics of polymer/inorganic nanocrystal hybrid photoactive layers consisting of TiO(2) nanoparticles and nanorods. Electron tomography based on scanning transmission electron microscopy using high-angle annular dark-field imaging was performed to analyze(More)
High threading dislocation (TD) density in GaN-based devices is a long unresolved problem because of the large lattice mismatch between GaN and the substrate, which causes a major obstacle for the further improvement of next-generation high-efficiency solid-state lighting and high-power electronics. Here, we report InGaN/GaN LEDs with ultralow TD density(More)
Si nanocrystals embedded in a SiO2 matrix and an n-type Al-doped ZnO (ZnO:Al) layer were applied to improve the external quantum efficiency from Si in n- ZnO/SiO2-Si nanocrystals-SiO2/p-Si heterojunction light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The Si nanocrystals were grown by low pressure chemical vapor deposition and the ZnO:Al layer was prepared by atomic layer(More)
This study demonstrates amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) of the ultraviolet (UV) electroluminescence (EL) from ZnO at lambda~380 nm in the n-ZnO/ZnO nanodots-SiO(2) composite/p- Al(0.12)Ga(0.88)N heterojunction light-emitting diode. A SiO(2) layer embedded with ZnO nanodots was prepared on the p-type Al(0.12)Ga(0.88)N using spin-on coating of SiO(2)(More)
A displacive transformation involves the motion of a glissile interface. As in work–hardening, its motion can be halted by defects, such as dislocations, stacking faults or twins in the austenite. The defects are created when the shape deformation accompanying bainite growth is accommodated by plastic relaxation of the surrounding austenite. The growing(More)
A 15-nm-thick GdO x membrane in an electrolyte-insulator-semiconductor (EIS) structure shows a higher pH sensitivity of 54.2 mV/pH and enzyme-free hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) detection than those of the bare SiO2 and 3-nm-thick GdO x membranes for the first time. Polycrystalline grain and higher Gd content of the thicker GdO x films are confirmed by(More)
Conductive and transparent multilayer thin films consisting of three alternating layers (TiO2/Ag/SiO2, TAS) have been fabricated for applications as transparent conducting oxides. Metal oxide and metal layers were prepared by electron-beam evaporation with ion-assisted deposition, and the optical and electrical properties of the resulting films as well as(More)