Jeoung Hun Kim

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In this paper, we propose a novel stereophonic acoustic echo suppression (SAES) technique based on crossband filtering in the short-time Fourier transform (STFT) domain. The proposed algorithm considers spectral correlations among components in adjacent frequency bins, and estimates the extended power spectral density (PSD) matrices and cross PSD vectors(More)
We aimed to compare different computed tomography (CT) perfusion post-processing algorithms regarding image quality of perfusion maps from low-dose volume perfusion CT (VPCT) and their diagnostic performance regarding the detection of ischemic brain lesions. We included VPCT data of 21 patients with acute stroke (onset < 6h), which were acquired at 80 kV(More)
Fibromatosis encompasses a broad group of benign fibroblas-tic proliferations of similar microscopic appearance whose bio-logic behavior is intermediate between that of benign fibroblas-tic lesion and fibrosarcoma. Like fibrosarcoma, fibromatosis is characterized by infiltrative growth and frequent recurrences. But, unlike fibrosarcoma, fibromatosis never(More)
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