Jeoong Sung Park

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In this paper, we present a prototype FPGA design for an efficient physical layer implementation of a MIMO-OFDM technique. We propose a pipelined architecture using a Fast Fourier Transform that is shared across modulations for the system. Our experimental results show that the proposed implementation saves at least 30 percent of the hardware resources,(More)
—H.264/AVC is the most powerful technology in video compression/transmission area because of its high coding efficiency and robustness. In this paper, we propose a new hardware architecture of 8x8 integer transform and quantization for H.264 which promises very low resource utilization. In the architecture, each pixel is processed one by one on a simplified(More)
MANET is a collection of dynamic mobile wireless nodes. These nodes are communicating with each other through wireless link. In MANET there is no need of pre-existing fixed network infrastructure. Since, in MANET the network topology changes dynamically due to the mobility of nodes thus, routing becomes a challenging issue. For optimizing the route between(More)
Database is a repository of information. Retrieving automatic patterns from the database provide the requisite information and are in great demand in various domains of science and engineering. The effective pattern mining methods such as pattern discovery and association rule mining have been developed and find its applicability in a wide gamut ranging(More)
Due to the rapid growth in World Wide Web and data availability, text mining has become one of the most important fields in data mining. Text mining refers to the technique which is useful to find the information from a huge volume of digital documents. Many existing text mining methods follow the term based approaches. Pattern evolution methods are(More)
Frequent pattern discovery is a heavily focused area in data mining. Discovering concealed information from Web log data is called Web usage mining. Web usage mining discovers interesting and frequent user access patterns from web logs. This paper contains a novel approach, based on k-mean and frequent pattern tree (FP-tree), for frequent pattern mining(More)