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A 3 to 5GHz fast hopping frequency synthesizer for multi-band OFDM UWB applications is designed using 0.13/spl mu/m CMOS technology. The frequency synthesizer operates in the "Mode 1" bands (centered at 3432MHz 3960MHz, and 4488MHz). Single-sideband mixer up converts or down-converts the 528MHz quadrature signals of ring VCO mixing 3960MHz LC VCO signals.(More)
A fast frequency/mode switching SSB mixer/amplifier topology is proposed for the implementation of low power multi-tone generator (MTG) in MB-OFDM UWB system. The proposed SSB mixer/amplifier topology is fabricated for the generation of mode-1 band center carrier with 0.18mum CMOS technology. The measurement result shows the 8.5ns mixer/amplifier mode(More)
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