Jeongwen Chiang

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Determining Consumers’ Discount Rates With Field Studies Because utility/profits, state transitions and discount rates are confounded in dynamic models, discount rates are typically fixed to estimate the other two factors. Yet these rate choices, if misspecified, generate poor forecasts and policy prescriptions. Using a field study wherein cellphone users(More)
In this paper the authors propose an integrated consideration set-brand choice model that is capable of accounting for the heterogeneity in consideration set and in the parameters of the brand choice model. The model is estimated by an approximation free Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling procedure and is applied to a scanner panel data. The main findings(More)
In this paper we study how a reduction of consumer switching costs may affect market competition in the wireless telecommunication industry. The reduction of switching costs can be achieved through the implementation of a regulatory policy called Wireless Number Portability (WNP) that allows consumers to retain the same phone numbers when they switch(More)
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