Jeongseok Son

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Live migration of virtual machines (VM) across distinct physical hosts is an important feature of virtualization technology for maintenance, load-balancing and energy reduction, especially so for data centers operators and cluster service providers. Several techniques have been proposed to reduce the downtime of the VM being transferred, often at the(More)
Saving the state of a running virtual machine (VM) for later restoration has become an indispensable tool to achieve balanced and energy-efficient usage of the underlying hardware in virtual desktop cloud environments (VDC). To free up resources, a remote user’s VM is saved to external storage when the user disconnects and restored when the user reconnects(More)
Virtual cloud network services let users have their own private networks in the public cloud. IPsec gateways are growing in importance accordingly as they provide VPN connections for customers to remotely access these private networks. Major cloud providers offer IPsec gateway functions to tenants using virtual machines (VMs) running a software IPsec(More)
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