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Face image retrieval is an important issue in the practical applications such as mug shot searching and surveillance systems. However, it is still a challenging problem because face images are fairly similar due to the same geometrical configuration of facial features. In this paper, we present a face image retrieval method which is robust to the variations(More)
While users increasingly use such large multimedia data, more people use the cloud computing technology. It is necessary to manage large data in an efficient way, and to consider transmission efficiency for multimedia data of different quality. To this end, an important thing is to ensure efficient distribution of important resources (CPU, network and(More)
Recently, smart home appliances and wearable devices have been developed through many companies. Most devices can be interacted with various sensors, have communication function to connect the Internet by themselves. Those devices will provide a wide range of services to users through a mutual exchange of information. However, due to the nature of the IoT(More)
Repackaging is the one of the most common techniques used by Android malwares. Recently, as one approach to prevent the repackaged malwares, it is considered to use the trust agency that guarantees the app developer. However, these approaches have no or limited secure channel to deploy the guaranteed apps. No secure channel poses another security issue of(More)
In various computing environments, hardware security modules are needed for protecting cryptographic keys and security services from threats of information leakage. For that protection, the modules normally have the methods of password-based access control and message encryption. Nowadays, a password itself can be easily exposed by a variety of password(More)
IoT, as one of the main focuses, links various kinds of devices to the Internet and even exchanges its data. The advent of IoT which has vast amount of connected devices enables us to monitor and control of real world and changes our daily lifestyle never available before. With such a massive amount of devices, if we don't set and organize security features(More)
Recently, many people have used smart mobile devices tightly in their life. Most enterprises demand BYOD to maximize the efficiency such as productivity, cost savings. Although BYOD offers many benefits to enterprises, it also brings significant risks to them. Most enterprises have applied MDM solution for BYOD. However, the MDM solution cannot provide(More)
While the number of smartphones increased, the security threats such as violating privacy and malicious code in smart environment increased. In general, the software security scheme is mainly used to protect mobile device from the security threat. However, this security scheme can be easily manipulated and changed. In this paper, we propose MTM hardware(More)