Jeongnam Kim

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Trapped atomic ions are standards for quantum information processing, serving as quantum memories, hosts of quantum gates in quantum computers and simulators, and nodes of quantum communication networks. Quantum bits based on trapped ions enjoy a rare combination of attributes: They have exquisite coherence properties, they can be prepared and measured with(More)
Zeolites-microporous crystalline aluminosilicates-are widely used in petrochemistry and fine-chemical synthesis because strong acid sites within their uniform micropores enable size- and shape-selective catalysis. But the very presence of the micropores, with aperture diameters below 1 nm, often goes hand-in-hand with diffusion limitations that adversely(More)
Crystalline mesoporous molecular sieves have long been sought as solid acid catalysts for organic reactions involving large molecules. We synthesized a series of mesoporous molecular sieves that possess crystalline microporous walls with zeolitelike frameworks, extending the application of zeolites to the mesoporous range of 2 to 50 nanometers. Hexagonally(More)
The catalytic pyrolysis of Japanese larch was carried out over a hierarchical MFI zeolite (Meso MFI C16). The zeolite was synthesized using an amphiphilic organosilane as a mesopore-directing agent, and its catalytic activity was compared with that of the conventional HZSM-5 and the mesoporous material from HZSM-5 (MMZ(ZSM-5)). The effect of the(More)
Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and point-probe electrical conductivity measurements of electrochemically protonated films of the emeraldine-base form of the conducting polymer, polyaniline are reported. The conductivity varies spatially, dependent on the size (L(M) \m=~\ 200 to 300 angstroms) of granular metallic regions which relate directly to the(More)
UNLABELLED The catalytic pyrolysis of waste wood including the particle board was examined by pyrolysis gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (Py-GC/MS) to produce bio-oil. Three different catalysts with a nanoporous structure, Al-MCM-48, Meso-MFI, and Pt-Meso-MFI, were used and their performances were compared. When MCM-48 was used, the quality of the(More)
Organic memory devices (OMDs) are becoming more important as a core component in flexible electronics era because of their huge potentials for ultrathin, lightweight and flexible plastic memory modules. In particular, transistor-type OMDs (TOMDs) have been gradually spotlighted due to their structural advantages possessing both memory and driving functions(More)
Oil fractions, separated from food waste leachate, can be used as an energy source. Especially, high quality oil can be obtained by catalytic cracking. In this study, nanoporous catalysts such as Al-MCM-41 and mesoporous MFI type zeolite were applied to the catalytic cracking of oil fractions using the pyrolysis gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.(More)
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