Jeongmin Lim

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The recent advent of DNA sequencing technologies facilitates the use of genome sequencing data that provide means for more informative and precise classification and identification of members of the Bacteria and Archaea. Because the current species definition is based on the comparison of genome sequences between type and other strains in a given species,(More)
Average nucleotide identity (ANI) is a category of computational analysis that can be used to define species boundaries of Archaea and Bacteria. Calculating ANI usually involves the fragmentation of genome sequences, followed by nucleotide sequence search, alignment, and identity calculation. The original algorithm to calculate ANI used the BLAST program as(More)
The cost of DNA sequencing has decreased due to advancements in Next Generation Sequencing. The number of sequences obtained from the Illumina platform is large, use of this platform can reduce costs more than the 454 pyrosequencer. However, the Illumina platform has other challenges, including bioinformatics analysis of large numbers of sequences and the(More)
This study describes a systematic approach of TiO2/carbon black nanoparticles with respect to the loading amount in order to optimize the catalytic ability of triiodide reduction for dye-sensitized solar cells. In particular, the cell using an optimized TiO2 and carbon black electrode presents an energy conversion efficiency of 7.4% with a 5:1 ratio of a(More)
We report the fabrication of silicon/carbon core/shell nanowire arrays using a two-step process, involving electroless metal deposition and chemical vapor deposition. In general, foreign shell materials that sheath core materials change the inherent characteristics of the core materials. The carbon coating functionalized the silicon nanowire arrays, which(More)
Studies of the interaction between hydrogen and graphene have been increasingly required due to the indispensable modulation of the electronic structure of graphene for device applications and the possibility of using graphene as a hydrogen storage material. Here, we report on the behaviour of molecular hydrogen on graphene using the gate voltage-dependent(More)
For a family-based sample, the phenotypic variance-covariance matrix can be parameterized to include the variance of a polygenic effect that has then been estimated using a variance component analysis. However, with the advent of large-scale genomic data, the genetic relationship matrix (GRM) can be estimated and can be utilized to parameterize the variance(More)
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