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We have evaluated the efficacy and safety of the combination of capecitabine and vinorelbine in metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients previously treated with anthracycline-and taxane-containing regimens. Between April 2000 and September 2002, 44 female MBC patients received oral capecitabine (1,250 mg/m2 twice daily on days 114), and intravenous(More)
The incidence and clinical and magnetic resonance imaging features of osteonecrosis of the hip were evaluated in patients with aplastic anemia. Two hundred and forty-one patients with aplastic anemia were examined using MR imaging of bone marrow during the five years from 1994 to 1998. Osteonecrosis of the hip was observed on MR imaging in nineteen (15(More)
Epidural injection of cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors has been suggested as a useful therapeutic modality in pain management in animal studies and clinical settings. Direct epidural administration of parecoxib, a highly selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor, may have advantages over its parenteral administration regarding required dose, side effects, and(More)
BACKGROUND Emergence agitation after sevoflurane anesthesia in children can be prevented by midazolam. Alternative splicing of the GABA(A) receptor changes with age. Therefore, we hypothesized that alternative splicing of the γ2 subunit affects the GABA current when applying sevoflurane and midazolam. METHODS We performed the whole-cell patch clamp(More)
The notion of travel groupoids was introduced by L. Nebesk´y in 2006 in connection with a study on geodetic graphs. A travel groupoid is a pair of a set V and a binary operation * on V satisfying two axioms. For a travel groupoid, we can associate a graph. We say that a graph G has a travel groupoid if the graph associated with the travel groupoid is equal(More)
The competition graph of a digraph is defined to be the intersection graph of the family of the out-neighborhoods of the vertices of the digraph (see [6] for intersection graphs). A digraph D is a pair (V (D), A(D)) of a set V (D) of vertices and a set A(D) of ordered pairs of vertices, called arcs. An arc of the form (v, v) is called a loop. For a vertex x(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to describe MR findings of osteofibrous dysplasia. MATERIALS AND METHODS MR images of 24 pathologically proven osteofibrous dysplasia cases were retrospectively analyzed for a signal intensity of the lesion, presence of intralesional fat signal, internal hypointense band, multilocular appearance, cortical expansion,(More)