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There has recently been an increasing interest in the generation of a sound field that is audible in one spatial region and inaudible in an adjacent region. The method proposed here ensures the control of the amplitude and phase of multiple acoustic sources in order to maximize the acoustic energy difference between two adjacent regions while also ensuring(More)
Binaural cue coding (BCC) was introduced as an efficient representation method for MPEG-4 SAC (Spatial Audio Coding). However, in a low bit-rate environment, the spectrum of BCC output signals degrades with respect to the perceptual level. The proposed system in this paper estimates VSLI (virtual source location information) as the side information. The(More)
In this paper, we propose a method of restoring principal to ambient energy ratio (PAR) at the decoder in the principal component analysis (PCA)-based parametric audio coding. The conventional approach applies the post-scaling at the decoder using the energy information extracted from the input signal at the encoder. However, this approach has a problem(More)
This paper presents a panoramic video transmission system using spatially divided tiles based on the spatial relationships descriptions of MPEG-DASH. The proposed server system provides tiling and encoding functionalities for ROI-based retrieving. Moreover, it guarantees the temporal and spatial synchronization when rendering multiple tiles by a(More)
This study examined the discriminant and criterion-related validity of the Relative Deprivation Scale. The data were collected from 151 Korean employees who had recently experienced a merger and acquisition. The results of confirmatory factor analysis revealed that the two dimensions of relative deprivation (egoistic and fraternal relative deprivation) are(More)
An interactive audio service provides audio editing functionality to users. In the service, the users can control the wanted audio objects to make their own audio sound using a spatial audio object coding (SAOC) scheme. However, the vocal object cannot be removed perfectly from the down-mix signal in Karaoke mode of the SAOC. Thus, in this paper, a modified(More)
Binaural cue coding (BCC) has been introduced for compact representation of multi-channel audio. It exploits binaural cue parameters for capturing the spatial image of multi-channel audio. Recently, it has been standardized within MPEG as the name of "MPEG Surround." In this paper, we propose a sound source location cue coding (SSLCC) system for compressing(More)