Jeongick Lee

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This research was done on the basis of prediction that there is a relationship between welding parameters and geometry of the back-bead in arc welding which is a gap. Multiple regression analysis and arti"cial neural network were used as methods for predicting the geometry of the back-bead. The multiple regression analysis and the arti"cial neural network(More)
This paper proposes to utilize a patient-specific prior to augment intraoperative sparse-scan data to accurately reconstruct the aspects of the region that have changed by a surgical procedure in image-guided surgeries. When anatomical changes are introduced by a surgical procedure, only a sparse set of x-ray images are acquired, and the prior volume is(More)
PURPOSE In the early development of new imaging modalities - such as tomosynthesis and cone-beam CT (CBCT) - an accurate predictive model for imaging performance is particularly valuable in identifying the physical factors that govern image quality and guiding system optimization. In this work, a task-based cascaded systems model for detectability index is(More)
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