Jeonghwan Park

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the blinding effectiveness of a modified blunt sham press needle on the basis of the ability of subjects to discriminate between real and sham acupuncture needles compared with their discrimination ability based on pure guessing, and to define differences between senses (touch and vision) in the rates of correctly identified needles.(More)
Global Navigation Satellite System Reflectometry (GNSS-R) is an active, bistatic remote sensing technique operating at L-band frequencies. GNSS-R signals scattered from a rough ocean surface are known to interact with longer surface waves than traditional scatterometery and altimetry signals. A revised forward model for GNSS-R measurements is presented(More)
This study evaluated the survival, growth performance and hematological changes of juvenile Pacific cod Gadus macrocephalus in land-based culture tanks with different water temperatures using deep sea water. Experimental water temperatures were set at 6, 10, and 14 °C by mixing surface sea water and deep sea water. One hundred juveniles (120.3 ± 26.3 g,(More)
Throughout the course of my Ph.D. program, I have worked on a multitude of different projects, many of which do not appear in this thesis. Nonetheless, I'd like to acknowledge here everyone who has made a significant contribution to my research and education in the past several years. First, I would like to acknowledge my research advisor, Chris Ruf. I, as(More)
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