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We study the static and dynamic <i>planar range skyline reporting problem</i> in the external memory model with block size <i>B</i>, under a linear space budget. The problem asks for an <i>O</i>(<i>n/B</i>) space data structure that stores <i>n</i> points in the plane, and supports reporting the <i>k</i> maximal input points (a.k.a.<i>skyline</i>) among the(More)
Let P be a set of n points in R 2. Given a rectangle Q = [α 1 , α 2 ] × [β 1 , β 2 ], a range skyline query returns the maxima of the points in P ∩ Q. An important variant is the so-called top-open queries, where Q is a 3-sided rectangle whose upper edge is grounded at y = ∞ (that is, β 2 = ∞). These queries are crucial in numerous database applications. In(More)
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