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—The homogenization design method (HDM) is extended to obtain an optimal topology of magnetic fields. This is accomplished by maximizing the magnetic mean compliance in a given region of the device. HDM is applied to a three-dimensional case, taking into account the saturation effect of the material. Results show that HDM is valid to maximize the vector(More)
In this study, we propose a two-dimensional (2D) dielectric structure tailored by a systematic design approach on the exit side of a metallic aperture to enhance the off-axis electromagnetic (EM) wave. We adopted a phase field method based topology optimization scheme and designed an arbitrary 2D dielectric structure in order to steer outward beaming(More)
Neurosurgery had been considered nearly impossible due to its technical difficulty and the danger to its special target organ, but with endoscopic methods, many such surgeries can be made safely through the nose. Endoscopic neurosurgery is limited by available instruments, however, and there remain some areas of the human body inaccessible to standard(More)
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