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– We present an accurate metric localization method using a simple artificial landmark for the navigation of indoor mobile robots. The proposed landmark model is designed to have a three-dimensional, multi-colored structure and the projective distortion of the structure encodes the distance and heading of the robot with respect to the landmark. Catadioptric(More)
Starvation activates MAPK in the pharyngeal muscles of C. elegans through a muscarinic acetylcholine receptor, Gqalpha, and nPKC as shown by the following results: (1) Starvation causes phosphorylation of MAPK in pharyngeal muscle. (2) In a sensitized genetic background in which Gqalpha signaling cannot be downregulated, activation of the pathway by a(More)
In Caenorhabditis elegans, satiety quiescence mimics behavioral aspects of satiety and postprandial sleep in mammals. On the basis of calcium-imaging, genetics, and behavioral studies, here we report that a pair of amphid neurons, ASI, is activated by nutrition and regulates worms' behavioral states specifically promoting satiety quiescence; ASI inhibits(More)
Animals have to cope with starvation. The molecular mechanisms by which animals survive long-term starvation, however, are not clearly understood. When they hatch without food, C. elegans arrests development at the first larval stage (L1) and survives more than two weeks. Here we show that the survival span of arrested L1s, which we call L1 longevity, is a(More)
Proteins serve as molecular machines in performing their biological functions, but the detailed structural transitions are difficult to observe in their native aqueous environments in real time. For example, despite extensive studies, the solution-phase structures of the intermediates along the allosteric pathways for the transitions between the relaxed (R)(More)
Tight junctions (TJs) are essential components of eukaryotic cells, and serve as paracellular barriers and zippers between adjacent tissues. TJs are critical for normal functioning of the organ of Corti, a part of the inner ear that causes loss of sensorineural hearing when damaged. To investigate the relation between genes involved in TJ function and(More)
We previously presented a spectrum-based fault localization (SFL) technique, which we named Hybrid, that localizes a bug by using the program hit spectra and test results. We also proposed a distinct mechanism for test data that enables the SFL algorithms to localize fault in a more precise manner than what would be possible with the original test data.(More)
Homodimeric hemoglobin (HbI) consisting of two subunits is a good model system for investigating the allosteric structural transition as it exhibits cooperativity in ligand binding. In this work, as an effort to extend our previous study on wild-type and F97Y mutant HbI, we investigate structural dynamics of a mutant HbI in solution to examine the role of(More)
  • Key Young Oang, Jong Goo Kim, Cheolhee Yang, Tae Wu Kim, Youngmin Kim, Kyung Hwan Kim +2 others
  • 2014
Conformational substates of proteins are generally considered to play important roles in regulating protein functions, but an understanding of how they influence the structural dynamics and functions of the proteins has been elusive. Here, we investigate the structural dynamics of sperm whale myoglobin associated with the conformational substates using(More)