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OBJECTIVE Focal epileptogenic lesions can manifest as infantile spasms, a catastrophic type of epilepsy. Although early surgery for catastrophic epilepsies has shown positive effects, little is known regarding long-term outcomes. The present study examined long-term outcomes in patients with localization-related infantile spasms treated surgically. (More)
To implement the globally harmonized system of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS) in Korea, an inter-ministerial GHS committee, involving 8 ministries and an expert working group composed of 9 experts from relevant organizations and one private consultant, have made some progress towards implementation by 2008. As such, the first revision of(More)
A national survey on workplace environment nanomaterial handling and manufacturing was conducted in 2014. Workplaces relevant to nanomaterials were in the order of TiO2 (91), SiO2 (88), carbon black (84), Ag (35), Al2O3 (35), ZnO (34), Pb (33), and CeO2 (31). The survey results indicated that the number of workplaces handling or manufacturing nanomaterials(More)
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