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This work addresses in-situ transesterification of wet spent coffee grounds (SCGs) for the production of biodiesel. For in-situ transesterification process, the methanol, organic solvent and acid catalyst were mixed with wet SCG in one pot and the mixture was heated for simultaneous lipid extraction and transesterification. Maximum yield of fatty acid(More)
Location-based context awareness services can embody ubiquitous computing environments in all living environments. To achieve this, since location-based context awareness services need to be provided in various mobile devices, the configuration of open-type context awareness service is required. In this article, a spatio-temporal context manager, which(More)
This study introduces a process combining wet in situ transesterification and hydrothermal liquefaction (iTHL) for fatty acid ethyl ester (FAEE) production from intact microalgae, Nannochloropsis gaditana without catalyst at temperatures higher than 160°C. It is found that the chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, SolvCl (dichloromethane, chloroform, and(More)
This study addresses wet in situ transesterification of microalgae for the production of biodiesel by introducing ethyl acetate as both reactant and co-solvent. Ethyl acetate and acid catalyst are mixed with wet microalgae in one pot and the mixture is heated for simultaneous lipid extraction and transesterification. As a single reactant and co-solvent,(More)
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