Jeong-nyeo Kim

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Since IoT devices can cause problems, such as invasion of privacy and threat to our safety, security in IoT is the most important element. IoT is an environment in which various devices to communicate an environment in which various devices communicate with one another without user intervention or with minimal user intervention. Therefore, authentication(More)
Hacking method of decomposing a well-known apps, reverse engineering, inserting malicious code, repackaging of it, and then redistributing it accounts for the majority of Android apps hacking. It is related to the fact that Android App consists of JAVA language and it is easy to apply reverse engineering. We propose a protection solution for this hacking(More)
As home devices have various functions and have improved computing power and networking ability, home device authentication has become increasingly important for improving the security of home network users. Moreover, device authentication supplies user convenience for the home network service user because it can replace the user authentication required for(More)
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