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OBJECTIVE To better understand the process and effect of social support exchanges within computer-mediated social support (CMSS) groups for breast cancer patients, this study examines (1) the dynamic interplay between emotional support giving and receiving and (2) the relative effects of emotional support giving and receiving on patients' psychosocial(More)
Past studies on the efficacy of participation in online cancer support groups have primarily focused on the role of expression in the accrual of health benefits for participants. Unfortunately, few steps have been taken to determine whether this observed effect arises solely from the internal mental processes underlying the act of expressing or, perhaps,(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine how the pre-existing doctor-patient relationship predicts conceptually distinct service use within an Interactive Cancer Communication System (ICCS) for underserved women with breast cancer and in turn how service utilization influences the doctor-patient relationship. METHODS Study sample included 231 recently diagnosed, lower income(More)
Social support in computer-mediated settings is an important variable in health communication research, yet little is known about the factors that influence the amount of social support one gives and receives in online support groups. To shed some light on this issue, the authors examined demographics, disease-related factors, psychosocial factors, and(More)
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