Jeong-Wook Kim

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Recurrent spontaneous abortion occurs in approximately 3% of women with diagnosed pregnancies. The etiology in approximately 40% of recurrent spontaneous abortion is unexplained. To elucidate unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion at the molecular level, we systemically identified differentially expressed genes during implantation window period in(More)
With the development of VoIP (Voice over IP) service, new security threats are expected to be appeared. However, existing IP network security solutions can not detect new VoIP specified network threats because they can not reflect characteristics of VoIP. In this paper, we propose a novel system that can monitor VoIP service and detect VoIP network threats(More)
Interferon-gamma secretion from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of women with unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortions was increased by trophoblast stimulation. Apoptosis was significantly increased in trophoblast cells cultured with the supernatant of PBMCs from women with evidence of T(H)1 immunity to trophoblast stimulation.
SIP is able to support MH mobility at the application level using a redirect server. SIP, however, performs signaling on the basis of an open network, the Internet. Thus, it is exposed to security threats that do not exist in a closed network such as PSTN. Although much research concerning SIP security threats have been conducted, studies regarding security(More)
Distance education has become an important method of extending education to populations that otherwise might be educationally neglected. Distance education in the private sector provides learners with more educational opportunities and widens the range of innovative services with a one-stop educational solution. With distance education, learners can(More)
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