Jeong Won Kim

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Autophagy is a cellular degradation-recycling system for aggregated proteins and damaged organelles. Although dysregulated autophagy is implicated in various diseases including neurodegeneration, its role in pancreatic beta cells and glucose homeostasis has not been described. We produced mice with beta cell-specific deletion of Atg7 (autophagy-related 7).(More)
We report the results of a VAMAS (Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards) inter-laboratory study on the measurement of the shell thickness and chemistry of nanoparticle coatings. Peptide-coated gold particles were supplied to laboratories in two forms: a colloidal suspension in pure water and; particles dried onto a silicon wafer.(More)
The variations of adsorption configurations of pyridine on Ge(100) as a function of exposure amount have been studied using high-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy (HRPES). At low exposure the C 1s and N 1s core levels show a single adsorption state of pyridine with N 1s binding energy at 400.85 eV and C 1s binding energies at 286.7 and 285.9 eV,(More)
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