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|In this paper, a new switch a r c hitecture with quasi-shared buuering is proposed for a scalable multi-cast ATM switch system. The proposed switch shares a small size of dedicated buuers for its input and output ports, and incoming cells are eeectively distributed within the switch system. For sharing dedicated buuers, a distributor is proposed to evenly(More)
—In this paper, a new cell re-sequence mechanism is proposed to restore cell sequence in multipath ATM switches. Since the proposed mechanism uses per-VC logical queues which store only the cells belonging to the same VC, the mechanism can reduce processing time compared to convent ional re-sequence mechanisms. The mechanism also has no limitation on the(More)
A B-ISDN national project in Korea has been carried out to develop a National Information Superhighway since 1992. An ATM switching system has been developed as one of the most important parts in the project, and has been tested in the National Information Su-perhighway testbed. In this paper, we develop a cell-level/call-level ATM switch simulator using(More)
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