Jeong-Taek Kong

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Experiment-based new phenomena, such as LIF energy and channel width effects in ultra-thin (T/sub Si/=700 /spl Aring/) 0.3 /spl mu/m SOI NMOSFETs, are analysed using TCAD tools. The relatively higher doping profile along with the width direction silicon edge can improve the breakdown characteristics (i.e., BV/spl cong/9 V at W/L=0.4 um/0.3 um). This effect,(More)
Recently, simulation of Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) is becoming more important because planarity and uniformity which are dependent on many dynamic factors are difficult to control. In this paper, a profile simulation environment based on the linear elastic material and nonlinear contact analysis that considers equipment parameters, such as pad(More)
A simple model, which takes into account simultaneous ion-assisted etching and polymer deposition, is presented. The simulation and experiment of test structures show that polymer neck generation is the result of competition of ion assisted etching and polymer deposition along the the sidewall of the contact hole. As the polymer neck also plays as a(More)
A new modeling methodology and an environment for abnormally structured MOS transistors we presented. This methodology uses a three-dimensional device simulator and a curve fitting method to characterize the current degradation effects by extracting the parasitic diffusion resistance from abnormal transistors. We have applied this methodology to 0.5 /spl(More)
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