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Although the phospholipase C (PLC)β-1 isoform is associated with spontaneous seizure and distinctively expressed in the telencephalon, the distribution of PLCβ-1 expression in the epileptic gerbil hippocampus remains controversial. Therefore, we determined whether PLCβ-1 is associated with spontaneous seizure in an animal model of genetic epilepsy. In the(More)
Although NCX-3 is highly expressed in the brain, the distribution of NCX-3 in the epileptic hippocampus is still controversial. Therefore, to assess the distribution and pattern of NCX-3 expression in epileptic hippocampus, we performed a comparative analysis of NCX-3 immunoreactivities in the hippocampus of seizure-resistant (SR) and seizure-sensitive (SS)(More)
To understand the effects of HCN as potential mediators in the pathogenesis of epilepsy that evoke long-term impaired excitability; the present study was designed to elucidate whether the alterations of HCN expression induced by status epilepticus (SE) is responsible for epileptogenesis. Although HCN1 immunoreactivity was observed in the hippocampus, its(More)
We investigated the temporal alterations of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) immunoreactivity in the hippocampus after seizure onset. Expression of ACTH was observed within interneurons in the pre-seizure group of seizure sensitive gerbils, whereas its immunoreactivities were rarely detected in seizure resistant gerbil. Three hr after the seizure, ACTH(More)
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