Jeong-Nyeo Kim

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To model a layered video streaming system in super-peer overlay networks that faces with heterogeneity and volatility of peers, we formulate a layer scheduling problem from understanding some constraints such as layer dependency, transmission rule, and bandwidth heterogeneity. To solve this problem, we propose a new layer scheduling algorithm using a(More)
Green Security is a new research field defining and investigating security solutions using an energy-aware perspective. Growing efforts and interests for an intelligent or smart surveillance system which is capable of automatically detecting and tracking target objects is in the spotlight in the security community. So far, these technologies are mainly(More)
This scheme is a method for controlling functionality of a mobile device. The operation of the element function of the mobile device is blocked by a blocking code, and the operation of the blocked element function is unblocked by an unblocking code. The blocking code is a code used to block the operation of the element function of the mobile device in an(More)
Hacking method of decomposing a well-known apps, reverse engineering, inserting malicious code, repackaging of it, and then redistributing it accounts for the majority of Android apps hacking. It is related to the fact that Android App consists of JAVA language and it is easy to apply reverse engineering. We propose a protection solution for this hacking(More)
This paper proposes a scalable video coding (SVC) DRM mechanism considering the convergence environment that redistributes the adaptive content for devices which may have different display size and computing capabilities between users or in the home network. The proposed SVC DRM mechanism uses the SVC content that is compressed by H.264/SVC scheme which has(More)