Jeong Kyung Kim

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INTRODUCTION Inappropriate antiplatelet therapy discontinuation increases the risk of thrombotic complications and bleeding after dental procedures. To determine the platelet reactivity recovery time after aspirin withdrawal in vivo, our study was conducted in patients with low-risk cardiovascular disease who can stop aspirin administration following the(More)
BACKGROUND Ezetimibe, a first-in-its-class inhibitor of cholesterol absorption, is an effective agent for combined use with statins to achieve low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) goals. Ezetimibe in combination with simvastatin as a single-tablet formulation has proven to be highly effective in reducing serum LDL-C through the dual inhibition of(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES It was reported that atorvastatin co-administered with clopidogrel for 8 months did not affect the anti-platelet potency of clopidogrel in Korean patients with acute coronary syndrome, but not in patients with stable angina. We investigated whether co-administration of statins with clopidogrel affected the anti-platelet efficacy of(More)
Compared with braided multifilament sutures, absorbable monofilaments are attractive suture materials as they exhibit less tissue drag and cause less tearing because of their smooth surfaces. However, monofilament sutures are less flexible and more difficult to tie a knot than multifilament ones, and their knots are more likely to loosen due to inferior(More)
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