Jeong Kuk Shon

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Noble Gemini surfactants containing a siloxane moiety have been designed and successfully synthesized in the present study and are utilized as structure-directing agents for mesoporous metal oxides such as zirconia, titania, and vanadia. The siloxane moiety is believed to play an important nano-propping role during the surfactant removal by direct(More)
Developing electrode materials with high-energy densities is important for the development of lithium-ion batteries. Here, we demonstrate a mesoporous molybdenum dioxide material with abnormal lithium-storage sites, which exhibits a discharge capacity of 1,814 mAh g(-1) for the first cycle, more than twice its theoretical value, and maintains its initial(More)
Ordered mesoporous MnO, MnO4, Mn2O3 and MnO2 materials with 3-D pore structure were suc- cessfully synthesized via a nano-replication method by using ordered mesoporous silica, KIT-6 (Cubic Ia3d space group mesostructure) as the template under specific oxidation and reduction conditions. Notably, ordered mesoporous MnO with a crystalline wall (rock salt(More)
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