Jeong Kim

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The introduction and rapid acceptance of digital cameras has fundamentally changed the way people take and share images. When displaying and interacting with images in the home, people still print out the photos as if they had been taken on a film camera. Although sharing occurs on computer monitors or even on TV, the digital photo hasn't made complete(More)
Some believe that the fundamental pedagogy of foreign language instruction has existed for hundreds of years. [40] That said, converting a class from a traditional course to an online solution cannot be as simple as posting a textbook online and offering periodic subject tests because it does not correctly model the traditional language learning experience.(More)
In this paper, we establish several interesting relationships involving the Fourier-Feynman transform, the convolution product, and the first variation for function-als F on Wiener space of the form F(x) = f (α 1 ,x,...,α n ,x), (*) where α j ,x denotes the Paley-Wiener-Zygmund stochastic integral T 0 α j (t) dx(t). 1. Introduction. Let C 0 [0,T ] denote(More)
This report highlights the processes used for the Administrative Records Experiment 2000 and provides recommended improvements for future administrative records census operations. The Administrative Records Experiment 2000 was part of the Census 2000 Testing, Experimentation, and Evaluation Program and was designed to gain information regarding the(More)
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