Jeong-In Hwang

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The distributions of endosulfan (ED) residues (α-, β-isomers, and sulfate-metabolite) in cucumbers grown in soils treated with ED at concentrations of 20 and 40 mg kg-1 were assessed using indoor and outdoor experiments. In all treatments, degradation rates of the α-isomer in soils were higher than that of the β-isomer. In the indoor tests, uptake amounts(More)
The adsorption and removal behaviors of the organophosphate insecticide chlorpyrifos in two soils (AS and GW soils) with different organic matter contents were investigated to predict the dynamic residues in the soil environment. The adsorption test showed that the chlorpyrifos adsorptive power for the AS soil containing high organic matter content was(More)
For ship detection, X-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery provides very useful data, in that ship targets look much brighter than surrounding sea clutter due to the corner-reflection effect. However, there are many phenomena which bring out false detection in the SAR image, such as noise of background, ghost phenomena, side-lobe effects and so on.(More)
Pesticides that persist in soils may be taken up by the roots of plants. One way to assess plant uptake is to theoretically predict the extent of plant uptake using a mathematical model. In this study, a model was developed to predict plant uptake of pesticide residues in soils using various parameters, such as pesticide mobility within soil, plant(More)
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