Jeong Hyeon Ahn

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Exceptionally small spheres (nanospheres) of hematite (diameters between 120 and 200 nanometers) occur in the Marra Mamba Iron Formation of the Hamersley Basin, Australia. The nanospheres are clustered into small aggregates and may have formed by structural ordering and dehydration of colloidal iron hydroxide particles. Individual spheres consist of(More)
To quantify the emission rate of monoterpenes (MTs) from diverse natural sources, the sorbent tube (ST)-thermal desorption (TD) method was employed to conduct the collection and subsequent detection of MTs by gas chromatography. The calibration of MTs, when made by both mass spectrometric (MS) and flame ionization detector (FID), consistently exhibited high(More)
In-site measurements of particle size spectra were obtained from three offshore cruises to evaluate the physical consequences of increased sediment transport and deposition offshore which was caused by episodic storm runoff water from the Santa Ana River watershed, a highly urbanised coastal watershed in southern California. Of the total annual runoff(More)
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