Jeong Hoo Lee

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1. INTRODUCTION Multicarrier modulation techniques, such as, OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Modulation) and DMT (Discrete Multi-Tone), have received great attention in high-speed data communication systems [1]. In communication systems, OFDM has become popular in various standards, for example, local area network (WLAN), digital audio broadcasting(More)
This paper presents an Application-Specific Instruction Set Processor (ASIP) approach for implementation of H.264/AVC. The proposed ASIP has special instructions for intra prediction, deblocking filter, integer transform, etc. In addition, the proposed ASIP has hardware accelerators for inter prediction and entropy coding. Performance comparisons show a(More)
A per-survivor adaptive interference cancellation (PSAIC) decoder is proposed for group decoding of a space–time trellis-coded DS-CDMA system. To mitigate error propagation by tentative decisions, persurvivor processing is introduced to a group decoder with adaptive interference cancellation. It is shown that the proposed decoder outperforms conventional(More)
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