Jeong Ho You

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This study aimed to investigate seed germination, seedling growth, and antioxidative responses in two wheat cultivars, Ningchun and Xihan, exposed to different H2O2 concentrations. Ningchun exhibited higher germination rate but lower root and shoot growth than Xihan when exposed to H2O2 treatment. Assays using fluorescent dye H2DCFDA and propidium iodide(More)
A novel and practical acoustic energy harvesting mechanism to harvest traveling sound at low audible frequency is introduced and studied both experimentally and numerically. The acoustic energy harvester in this study contains a quarter-wavelength straight tube resonator with lead zirconate titanate (PZT) piezoelectric cantilever plates placed inside the(More)
Resonant tunnelling is a quantum mechanical process that has long been attracting both scientific and technological attention owing to its intriguing underlying physics and unique applications for high-speed electronics. The materials system exhibiting resonant tunnelling, however, has been largely limited to the conventional semiconductors, partially due(More)
The effect of electrically active VGa–ON threading edge dislocations on drift and Hall mobilities in n-type epitaxial wurtzite WZ GaN is investigated theoretically. The charge distribution along the dislocation core is first obtained by means of a density-functional theory atomistic calculation; the two N atoms near the missing Ga atom at the dislocation(More)
An acoustic energy harvester is introduced that uses a quarter-wavelength straight-tube acoustic resona-tor with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) piezoelectric cantilever beams placed inside the resonator. When the tube is excited by an incident wave at its first acoustic eigenfrequency, an amplified acoustic resonant standing wave is developed inside the(More)
The recent discoveries of X-ray lines in the afterglows of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) provide significant clues to the nature of GRB progenitors and central environments. However, the iron line interpretation by fluorescence or recombination mechanism involves the request for the large amount of iron material. We argue that the very strong iron line could be(More)
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