Jeong Ho Shin

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The effects of nanowire (NW) length on surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization (SALDI) mass spectrometry (MS) of small molecules were investigated using ZnO NWs of 50 nm diameter with a broad range of lengths ranging from 25 to 1600 nm. Characterization of the ZnO NWs revealed that the length was the only parameter that varied in this study, while(More)
This paper presents a regularized image sequence interpolation algorithm, which can restore high frequency details by fusing low-resolution frames. Image fusion algorithm gives the feasibility of using di erent data sets, which correspond to the same scene to get a better resolution and information of the scene than the one obtained using only one data set.(More)
Sn-based oxide materials as an anode of lithium ion batteries (LIBs) suffer from the unavoidable mechanical stress originated from huge volume changes during lithiation/delithiation reactions. We synthesized the hierarchical SnO nanobranches (NBs) decorated with Sn nanoparticles on Cu current collector using a vapor transport method. The Sn-decorated SnO(More)
This paper presents an adaptive regularized image interpolation algorithm from blurred and noisy low resolution image sequence, which is developed by a general framework based on data fusion. This framework can preserve edge information and suppress noise, effectively. To obtain a higher resolution image, both discontinuities across the edge orientation and(More)
The catalyzed solution-liquid-solid (SLS) growth has been well developed to synthesize semiconductor nanowires with controlled diameters. The SLS growth occurs in the longitudinal direction of nanowires, due to the directional anisotropy driven by the metal catalysts where chemical precursors are introduced. In the present study, we report a selective,(More)
This paper proposes a noise smoothing algorithm for dense range image using adaptive regularization, which preserves discontinuities and removes noise, simultaneously. In order to obtain the discontinuity-preserved range data, both high frequency components across the edge orientation and smoothness along the edge orientation are considered in this(More)