Jeong Hee Lee

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In order to improve the efficiency of a terrain covering algorithm for a robot(AUV), an artificial island(AI) technique is developed. Such an algorithm is necessary to acquire information and make a terrain map in an unknown three dimensional underwater environment. This algorithm considers that the three dimensional environment consists of a number of(More)
My research focuses on developing computational geometry algorithms to solve problems in signal processing and neural computation, including data compression , nonnegative matrix factorization, and linear programming. Designed computer vision algorithms for edge classification, edge detection, and shape-from-shading, and general purpose pattern recognition(More)
Collision and turnover are fatal to mobile robots. Control methods are suggested for solving the fatal problems of mobile robots maneuvered by an operator. Speed reduction and wall following are applied for collision avoidance using ultrasonic sensor data. Modified Hough transform is suggested to obtain a wall model from sonar data overcoming limitations of(More)
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