Jeong Choon Ryoo

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Among previous proposed side channel analysis (SCA) methods, differential power analysis (DPA) based on the statistical characteristics of collected signals has been known as an efficient attack for uncovering the secret key of cryptosystems. However, the attack performance of this method is affected very much by the temporal misalignment and noise of(More)
In a side channel attack, misalignment is a major factor that decreases the attack effectiveness. In order to resolve this issue, correlation power frequency analysis (CPFA) was recently introduced in the frequency domain by Schimmel. This method changes signals from the time domain to the frequency domain to analyze the information using FFT and is able to(More)
In cryptographic devices like a smart card whose computing ability and memory are limited, cryptographic algorithms should be performed efficiently. However, the issue of efficiency sometimes raises vulnerabilities against side channel attacks (SCAs). In elliptic curve cryptosystems, one of main operations is the scalar multiplication. Thus it must be(More)
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