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Fatty Acid Composition of 72 Species of Korean Fish
The migratory fish contained the highest level of the n-3 PUFA, followed by the fresh water fish, the reef fish and the demersal fish, and there was a positive correlation between the total lipid content and MUFA in all fish samples. Expand
Proximate Composition, Cholesterol and $\alpha$-Tocopherol Content in 72 Species of Korean Fish
Proximate composition, cholesterol (CHOL) and () content of seventy-two species of fish muscle, which caught off Tongyeong coast of the Southern Sea and caught Kyeongho river, Sancheong, Korea, were determined. Expand
Seasonal Variation in Lipid Class and Fatty Acid Composition of 12 Species of Korean Fish
There was a negative correlation between the percent of the MUFA and thePUFA of total fatty acids, however, the PUFA content increased as the TL content increased by season. Expand
Proximate composition and sterol content of 35 species of marine invertebrates
Proximate composition, sterol and -tocopherol (-Toc) contents of 35 species of marine invertebrates, which caught off the coast of Tongyeong of the Southern sea (Nam-Hae), Korea, were determined. Expand
Seasonal Variation in Proximate Composition, Cholesterol and $\alpha$-Tocopherol Content of 12 Species of Korean Fish
Lipid and moisture content showed remarkable seasonal variation and there were a negative correlation between the both (r= -0,85, p-Toc content unchanged almost through the sampling period). Expand
Studies on the Isolation, Refining and Utilization of Lecithin from Skipjack Viscera Oil 1. The Isolation and Refining of Lecithin
In order to the effective utility of marine by-product, crude lecithin was isolated from skipjack viscera oil and the lecithin was refined by bleaching and deodorization. Crude lecithin was separatedExpand
Dimethylamine(DMA) is known as an origin compound of dimethylnitrosamine which is responsible for carcinogenesis. It has been also reported that relatively large amount of DMA is distributed in fishExpand
Changes in Proximate Compositions of the Oysters (Crassostrea gigas) Cultured with Korean and Japanese Spats
Changes in proximate composition and meat weight of oysters cultured in shallow-water at Bukman bay of Tongyeong in Korea with Korean and Japanese spats were investigated and protein content was rich in August and September and carbohydrate contents were poor in the both months. Expand
Effect of $\alpha-Tocopherol$ Level in Diet on the Biochemical Property of Cultured Sweet Smelt, PIecoglossus altivelis
Lipid contents of muscle and ovary were high in CO group compared with HT group, but that of testis showed a similar level in both groups, and the intensity of watermelon-like or cucumber -like aroma was related positively with TBARS and OH radical levels in plasma. Expand
Isolation and Purification of DHA from Skipjack Orbital Tissue Oil
Several methods were examined for purification of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA, 22:6n-3) from skipjack Euthynnus pelamis orbital tissue oil, a marine by-product, and a modified method for isolation of aExpand