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Land Use in Korean Tidal Wetlands: Impacts and Management Strategies
The coastal landscapes in southwestern Korea include a diverse array of tidal wetlands and salt marshes. These coastal zones link the ecological functions of marine tidal wetlands and freshwaterExpand
Coastal vegetation on the Western, Southern, and Eastern coasts of South Korea
We used the Braun-Blanquet method to study the vegetation of coastal wetlands in South Korea. Three habitat types were found, i.e., salt marshes, salt swamps, and sand dunes. These plant communitiesExpand
Taxonomic reappraisal onSuaeda australis (Chenopodiaceae) in korea based on the morphological and molecular characteristics
We used morphological and molecular characteristics to perform a taxonomic reappraisal ofSuaeda australis (Brown) Moquin-Tandon from Korea. Populations of this species are dispersed at the bottoms ofExpand
Coastal plant and soil relationships along the southwestern coast of South Korea
We studied how plant species distribution was regulated by the relationships between vegetation and soil factors on the southwestern coast of South Korea. Vegetation was classified using two-wayExpand
Application of Landscape Ecology to Ecological Restoration
To date, restoration ecology has focused on local areas, particularly small-scale ecosystems. As such, restoration ecology has been applied to areas with clear boundaries, such as roads, abandonedExpand
Dynamics of zonal halophyte communities in salt marshes in the world
Understanding of salt marsh plant zonation caused by abiotic and biotic factors is essential for successful conservation plans in the face of ongoing environmental change. The frequency of floodingExpand
Soil particle sizes and plant communities on coastal dunes
To identify and assess the distribution patterns of coastal dune vegetation along the eastern, southern, and western coasts of South Korea, we investigated the plant communities and soil factors atExpand
Morphological and genetic variations inSuaeda maritima based on habitat
We investigated the morphological and genetic variations found inSuaeda maritima growing on sand dunes at Jogeum-naru, Muan-gun, in Korea. Our objective was to determine how plant density, biomass,Expand
Growth strategies of four salt marsh plants on Mankyung River estuary in Korea
The emergence of seedlings, the length of roots and shoots, and the biomass of four dominant plant species and shore height were measured to investigate the growth strategy of these plants on theExpand